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Everything you ever wanted to know about the opossum

An opossum with nine babies on her back.
This image was taken during the day (the Virginia opossum is mostly nocturnal). The mother is carrying nine young on her back.

The opossum is the only marsupial in North America, and they’ve been snuffling around since before the dinosaurs died. It faints at the slightest threat, yet can be struck by a venomous snake and, unfazed, turn right around and eat it.

Also, they have two vaginas, and an extra pseudo-vagina. What more do you need? The opossum’s superpower is its reproductive system, and the thing that’s really going to make you say “holy scat!” is what’s going on in that pouch.

So…what’s it going to take to get some respect for the opossum?

Holy Scat! is an Outside/In series that allows us to explore all the things about the natural world that make us totally geek out. And this one's got a quiz on Presidential Pet Possums with our friends at Civics 101 podcast!

Featuring: Jessica Anderson, Joseph Bruchac, Danielle Draback, and Frannie Greenberg

A woman holds an opossum.
Jessica Hunt
Frannie Greenberg holds Petunia, an ambassador opossum, at the Millstone Wildlife Center in Windham, N.H.


The Opossum: Its Amazing Story - a thorough 80-page PDF by William J. Krause and Winifred A. Krause.

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In addition to hosting Weekend Edition (and occasionally Morning Edition or other programs), Jessica produces Something Wild and Check This Out.
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