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Backing Sununu, Enviro Groups Say Biomass Pollutes And Costs Too Much


Two environmental groups are siding with Gov. Chris Sununu in the fight over subsidies for the biomass industry.

In June, Sununu vetoed two energy bills – one that would tell utilities to buy more wood-fired power from biomass plants at a discounted rate, and one expanding net metering in New Hampshire.

The vetoes drew criticism from the timber industry and some clean energy advocates, which want lawmakers to push the bills through.

But the Toxics Action Center and the Energy Justice Network are taking a different stance.

A spokesman says they support the net metering bill – but they want the biomass subsidies to stay vetoed. 

The two nonprofits put out a new report Tuesday saying the biomass and waste-burning power plants that would benefit from the bill are among the state’s worst air polluters.

They also back Sununu’s argument the subsidies would cost ratepayers too much.

(Read the nonprofits' report on the biomass bill here.)

Lawmakers will vote on overturning the vetoes on Sept. 13.

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