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Canada Moves To Legalize Assisted Suicide

Last year, Canada's Supreme Court overturned the country's ban on doctor-assisted suicide. Advocates for a patient's right to choose to end their own lives with a physician's help applauded the ruling. But they have been waiting since then for the federal government to issue a new law that spells out the conditions for which seriously ill or dying Canadians can ask for a doctor's help to end their lives.And the wording of that last sentence is important, because in ruling to overturn the ban, the Supreme Court in Canada did not require that a person's condition has to be terminal to make the end-of-life request. To learn more about the federal government's long-awaited bill, VPR spoke with Sharon Kirkey, a senior reporter and health writer withPostmedia News; her articles appear in the Montreal Gazette and   National Post newspaper.  

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