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Bill Would Make Overdose Drug Available Over the Counter

A bill that would make the overdose reversal drug naloxone, also known as Narcan, available without a prescription advanced Thursday in the Maine Legislature.

The measure got initial approval in the Senate after receiving unanimous initial approval in the House Wednesday. The legislation is intended to allow family members or friends counteract an opiate overdose more quickly than emergency responders could, in what is seen as a life-or-death situation.

Republican state Sen. Eric Brakey of Auburn spoke in favor of the bill.

“As someone who is pro life, I view this as very much a pro-life bill,” he says. “We are simply creating the opportunity for individuals to save someone’s life so they might have the opportunity to learn the lesson of their mistakes and change their life around.”

Maine would join 15 other state’s in making naloxone available over-the-counter.

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