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Providence College Responds To Calls For Campus Conversation Around Race And Diversity

Providence College
Providence College

Weeks after students staged a sit-in over allegations of racism on campus, Providence College has detailed plans to address the students' concerns. In a letter, college officials outlined proposed changes to faculty training and the college curriculum.

Cultural sensitivity training will now be required of all new faculty; current faculty will also receive professional development in similar areas. Additionally, the college has pledged $1 million toward the creation of a multi-cultural center on campus.

Answering student demands for more cultural diversity among course offerings, the college said it will expand Latin American, Black, Asian and Women’s studies programs, among others.

The response came from PC President Rev. Brian Shanley, whose office became the focus of a 12-hour sit-in staged by students.  

Students of color at the private Catholic college have complained they feel marginalized and discriminated against on campus and in classes.

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