Top Stories: Seacoast Firm Stores Energy With Air; Video Game Industry Could Keep NH Tech-Savvy

Mar 4, 2013

Credit Courtesy Photo / SustainX

1. Environment: Who Needs Batteries? Seacoast Firm Stores Energy With Air

Solar and wind power are intermittent, and if enough of them are powering the grid, some kind of storage will be necessary. And storage means batteries, right? Not necessarily. In Seabrook New Hampshire, a start-up is doing it with compressed air.

2. NH News: Video Game Industry Could Keep N.H. Young And Tech-Savvy

New Hampshire is producing young programmers and designers looking to start their own video game business. And the trick is getting them to stay in the state.

3. Word of Mouth: Saving Syrian Puppies

We spoke with Phil Sands, Syria correspondent for The National, an English language daily newspaper based in Abu Dhabi. He’s been there reporting on and photographing the escalation of the rebellion and civil war, but he’s here in the U.S. on another assignment … puppy courier.

Credit Ryan Lessard, NHPR

4. Word of Mouth: New Hampshire: The Birthplace Of Video Games. Really.

In 1966, while working for Sanders, a defense contractor in Nashua that is today a part of BAE Systems, Ralph Baer began secretly working on his invention. He didn't have a name for it at the time so it was hard to sell to his superiors. No one knew what a "video game" was.

5. NH News: Gun Owners Cite Constitutional Rights In Objection To Open Carry Bill

Gun owners came out to the capitol in force Thursday, Feb. 21 to object to a bill that would make it illegal to open carry a pistol or revolver in a public building without a permit.

Credit Sean Hurley for NHPR

6. Arts & Culture: Museum Of The White Mountains Opens

The Museum of the White Mountains had its Grand Opening this past weekend in Plymouth. Correspondent Sean Hurley spoke with Director Catherine Amidon and sends us this story.

7. Something Wild: The Brown Creeper: Songs From The Wood

Welcome to March! If you walk in the forest this week, you might detect the song of a non-descript little brown bird called the "brown creeper." Brown creepers are hard to see. Their habit is to creep upward on tree trunks, often in spiral fashion remaining well-hidden. It sports mottled "tree-bark pattern" camouflage.

Credit Emily Corwin / NHPR

8. National: Shipyard Workers Worry About Sequestration Furloughs

As the Defense Department prepares to furlough its civilian workforce in three days – pending a deficit reduction agreement in Congress –communities surrounding the country’s military facilities are also bracing themselves for an economic hit. At lunchtime at the Portsmouth Naval Shipyard on the Maine New Hampshire border, this so-called ‘budget sequestration’ is on many peoples’ minds.

9. The Exchange: NH Governor Maggie Hassan

New Hampshire Governor Maggie Hassan joins us.   We covered some of the major proposals in her new budget, especially the inclusion of eighty-million dollars in revenue from a casino that hasn’t been approved yet.  We also talked about her first two months in office; from relations with the legislature to how much of her agenda she thinks she’ll be able to accomplish.

10. Word of Mouth: “Which One’s Worse?” The Worst Jobs We’ve Ever Had

Intern Logan Shannon was so inspired by today's segment on micro-tasking and the practice of doing mind numbing work over the internet for pennies, she thought she would interview the Word of Mouth team to see which of their worst jobs could go head to head with being an Amazon Mechanical Turk. It's a little game she likes to call: Which One's Worse?