Top Stories Read Online

A roundup of the top-ten most-read stories on and the StateImpact - NH website.


1) Word of Mouth: Return of the Darkroom - The mass market for film has dwindled in the digital age, but renewed interest in the tangible, nostalgic qualities of old formats may keep shutterbugs snapping film for years to come. 

2) NH News: Traumatized Refugees Struggle to Make New Hampshire Home - Every year New Hampshire takes in hundreds of refugees from all around the world. They have fled wars, persecution, and even torture in their home countries, and some bear scars – both inside and out. After the trauma they have endured some refugees arrive with undiagnosed mental illness, but identifying and treating these patients is no easy task.

3) Word of Mouth: "Microaggressions" Exposed - Hate crimes and societal and institutional discrimination continue across the country.  We tend to hear about the most egregious examples. We’re going to focus in this segment on the more subtle exercise of bigotry that academics call “microaggressions”.

4) Word of Mouth: Type 1 Diabetes Spike - Though type-2, commonly known as adult-onset diabetes, has been in the spotlight recently with Food Network star and butter-abuser Paula Deen's announcement that she is living with the condition, type-1 is also on the rise. 

5) North Country: Berlin Gets A Plan For Reviving Downtown - An ambitious plan to revitalize Berlin’s downtown and make it the social and economic focus of the city is finished and now officials are looking around for millions of dollars to carry it out.

6) StateImpact: Will Northern Pass Create Jobs? It Depends On Which Study You Believe - One of the main questions that lingers over Northern Pass is: Will it create jobs, especially in the struggling North Country

7) StateImpact: How A Start-Up Incubator Is Racing Against The Clock To Create Jobs - After launching 11 eco-friendly companies across the state, the University of New Hampshire's Green Launching Pad (GLP) is racing to spend the last of its stimulus funding. 

8) North Country: A Helping Hand To A Woman Who Refused Northern Pass Money - Lynne Placey, a North Country woman who’s struggling to make ends meet but has refused to take money from Northern Pass, has been given $2,650 by a group that admires her gumption.

9) The Exchange: Assessing The Affordable Care Act - We’ll take a look at this law, its progress, its problems, and its prospects, as well as how the political climate affects the debate

10) StateImpact: Study: NH Ranks #2 In US For Credit Card Debt​ - Given the Granite State’s reputation as a stalwart of Yankee frugality, a recent bit of reporting from investor blog Wall Street 24/7 caught us a bit by surprise.