State Employee Contract Negotiations Head To Fact Finding

Sep 12, 2013

Credit NHPR Staff

Contract negotiation between the Hassan administration and the state employees association are heading into a fact finding stage. The move comes eight months into contract talks and after 4 days of mediation failed to produce agreement. State employees association president Diana Lacey says the Hassan administration has been unwilling to provide proof to back up its claims on contracts costs.

"I am not necessarily willing to say that I think it’s bad faith, but the closest I could get to that is to say they are in a different league now."

Union leaders had supported a contract offer made by Governor Hassan’s team last spring that included the first state employee raises in five years. The union’s full bargaining senate then voted it down. In a statement, Governor Hassan said she believes a fair deal can still be struck within the bounds of the current state budget,  and that she will work to ensure the fact finding process is “respectful, transparent and constructive.”