Rand Paul Promises To Fight On Against Patriot Act

May 11, 2015

Credit Associated Press

Campaigning in Londonderry, GOP presidential candidate Rand Paul went after fellow republican Jeb Bush on privacy issues, and said he will lead the filibuster effort against any extension of the Patriot Act.

The Kentucky Senator Paul ask voters to be wary of would-be presidents who, as he put it, don’t support  'the entire bill of rights.'

“We have one candidate — we won’t mention any names, but he was a former governor of Florida — who says the best thing the president is doing is collecting all of your phone records without a warrant, “I say your phone records are yours, they’re none of the government’s business.”

Last week a federal appeals court ruled that the National Security Agency’s bulk collection of phone records is illegal.

Paul told reporters he’s the only candidate, Democrat or republican who said he’d end the program on day one. He also says he’ll fight its reauthorization.

“I’ll be leading the vote and the effort against the Patriot Act and also leading the vote to try to end bulk collection of your phone records.”

Senate’s majority leader, Mitch McConnell hopes to extend of the Patriot Act and is expected to put  a bill before the senate to reauthorize bulk collection of phone records by month’s end