Medicaid Expansion Commission Taking Shape

Jul 2, 2013

A nine-member commission charged with exploring whether to expand Medicaid in New Hampshire is beginning to take shape.

Speaker of the House Terie Norelli appointed three people to the commission Tuesday.

Representatives Cindy Rosenwald and Tom Sherman, both Democrats, will serve on the commission.

Rosenwald is a member of the Finance Committee and Sherman is a medical doctor who works part-time at Exeter Hospital.

Norelli also chose New Hampshire Medical Society President Dr. Travis Harker to serve as a member of the public.

Also Tuesday, House Minority Leader Gene Chandler picked Representative Neil Kurk, a Republican, to serve on the commission.

Senate President Peter Bragdon will select two senators and a member of the public.

The Senate minority leader also gets to appoint one member, as does Governor Maggie Hassan.

The Medicaid Expansion Commission is expected to begin meeting this month and has until October 15 to file a final report.

Expansion would cover an additional 58,000 people.