Hassan, 'Artie T.' Praise Market Basket Workers In Londonderry

Sep 10, 2014

Credit AP Photo/Elise Amendola

The morning after officially kicking off her campaign for re-election, Governor Maggie Hassan joined Market Basket CEO Arthur T. Demulous in Londonderry to thank workers for their dedication.

Calling Market Basket a “New Hampshire institution,” Hassan said the company exemplifies fair treatment and respect for employees.

“Your efforts all summer were a heartening display of dedication, of loyalty, and really what’s possible when people come together,” she said.

Hassan joined with Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick to meet with company leaders to help broker a deal.

Demoulas, who eventually was able to buy majority ownership of the company, thanked Hassan for her efforts.

“She was so gracious and supportive and sincere with her time on this matter throughout those summer weeks,” Demoulas said. “She was just terrific.”

Demoulas alluded to expanding beyond New Hampshire’s 28 Market Baskets with new stores.

“We look forward very much to further opportunities in the state of New Hampshire with all the wonderful support and wonderful people we have,” he said.

Hassan will face Republican Walt Havenstein in the general election in November.

Havenstein defeated Andrew Hemingway in Tuesday’s Republican primary.