In Coos Lamontagne Dominated, Rappaport and Daugherty Fend Off Challenger

Sep 12, 2012

Ovid Lamontagne dominated the Republican primary in Coos County Tuesday.

Lamontagne routinely pulled at least 50 percent – and in some cases 80 percent or more - of the vote in town after town.

In Berlin Lamontagne took 81 percent of the vote; 72 percent in Lancaster; 57 percent in Colebrook and 70 percent in Whitefield.

Meanwhile, Republican incumbents Larry Rappaport and Duffy Daugherty of Colebrook have apparently held off challenger Charles Kurtz of Errol.

With nine of ten precincts reporting by the Wednesday afternoon Rappaport led with 511 votes followed by Daugherty with 350 and Kurtz with 313.

In November Rappaport and Daugherty will face Democrat Larry Enman of Errol.

Vote totals were provided  by The Associated Press. Totals from state officials are not yet available.