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Word of Mouth

The Splatmasters

Photo courtesy of Joe Drinon

There's so much happening in this show, it's hard to know where to start. We interview a very together kid entrepreneur. We investigate the semi-secret economy of international workers in New Hampshire. We talk about NH vanity license plates.  And we tell the incredible, mostly true story of how a multibillion dollar sport got its start in the woods of Henniker.  

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  •   Squidflip: Lessons in kid entrepreneurship from Owen Simoes.  
  • The J-1 Dilemma: A look at the semi-secret seasonal influx of international students who work in NH during the summer.  Featuring a conversation with Cathleen Caron of Justice in Motion. 
  • #USOVAIN: The first installment of our regular segment on New Hampshire's vanity plate culture.
  • The Splatmasters: Our New Hampshire Firsts series takes us to the woods of Henniker, where a multibillion dollar sport originally got its start.