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Word of Mouth

Why Are Liquor Laws In New Hampshire So Weird?


Whether you buy, drink, or do business in the Granite State, liquor plays a significant role in the culture and the economy.  Today, Word of Mouth tackles a complicated (and very broad)  question sent in by a listener: "Why are liquor laws in New Hampshire SO WEIRD???"  So here goes: in this episode, we'll try and get to the bottom of a Prohibition era law that requires bars to sell food,  take a trip to a local distillery to find out more about what it means to produce "scratch-made" liquor, and look at how liquor revenue is used. Plus, three attempts to make a signature NH beverage.  Go slow! This episode is high-proof.

  •   You Asked, We Answered: Why Are There No 'Bar Only' Bars in New Hampshire?
  • Cocktail #1 - "The Manch-hattan."
  • Local Liquor - A trip to Tamworth Distillery
  • Cocktail #2 - "The Chinook."
  • The Alcohol Fund - a conversation with NHPR's Paige Sutherland about her reporting on the costs and benefits of NH liquor revenue. 
  • Rapid fire round - questions and answers with Joseph Mollica, Chairman of the NHLC.
  • Cocktail #3 - "The Road Less Traveled." 

Vote for your favorite Granite-state themed cocktail on our twitter poll! And check out our very own Nick Capodice turning a snowy day into a signature drink:

Take a trip down The Road Less Travelled