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12.9.14: Junkyard Planet, Cell Phones For The 1%, & TV's Best Openers

Paolo via flickr Creative Commons

From Tesla cars to Louis Vuitton luggage to Philippe Patek watches, luxury brands are selling well. How about a $30,000 cell phone? On today’s show, we’ll learn about the new handcrafted cell phone with optional concierge service that’s become a new symbol of conspicuous consumption.

Plus, Junkyard Planet: following the billion-dollar trash trade from American dumpsters to junkyards across the globe.

And, the opening sequence of a television show is an art form unto itself. We'll get a rundown of the best ones.

Listen to the full show and click Read more for individual segments.

Junkyard Planet

Junkyard Planet

Cell Phone For the 1%

  • A cell phone for $10,000? Yes, but is it worth it? Gabriel Roth took one of the newest model in the high end company Vertu's line up, the Aster, for a test drive at one of their upscale boutiques and wrote about the experience and the phone for Fast Company, "The Cadillac Bentley of Cell Phones."
  • You can see a slideshow of the Aster and read more about the features that make it so pricey at this link.
Cell Phones for the 1%

Smart Phones for Eye Health

  • In you lived in sub-Saharan Africa your chances of getting a prescription for a pair of eyeglasses would be almost impossible. There’s only one optometrist for eight million people. But a smart phone can help. The World Vision Report’s Cynthia Graber went there to check out the story.
  • You can listen to this story at PRX.org.

TV Opening Sequences

TV Opening Sequences


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