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Word of Mouth

2.5.14: Rethink 2014 Recap

Sara Plourde

Word of Mouth's Rethink 2014 series began with a quote by one of the most notable rethinkers of the 20th century: Albert Einstein. Host Virginia Prescott was struck by one particular piece of the theoretical physicist's wisdom: "Common sense is the collection of prejudices acquired by age 18." Are those prejudices inherited or chosen, and what if we were given alternative ideas? Inspired, Virginia and her Word of Mouth colleagues sought out current rethinkers of popular beliefs. Today, we're revisiting the most resonant Rethinks. Listen to the full show and click Read more for links to individual segments. 

Rethink 2014: The Psychology of Scarcity 

Rethink 2014: America as Global Superpower

 Rethink 2014: Sex and Relationships

Rethink 2014: Endangered species

Rethink 2014: TED Talks

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