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10 Monster Trucks With Not-So-Tough Names

Sean Hurley's story on Monster Trucks got us thinking about all those awesome Monster Truck names, like Gravedigger and Big Foot. Anyone with a TV knows those names sound great with heavy metal and lots of reverb designed to make us run (NOT WALK!!!) to the arena on Sunday (SUNDAY, SUNDAY!!!) So we were  surprised to find so many Monster Trucks have names that are...well...kind of lame. Check out our list, and listen to what a commercial might sound like if they got top billing:

1. 1/2 Pint

Driven by Ronnie and Travis Sturges, the truck known as "Half-Pint" is, disappointingly, not named in tribute to our little half-pint, Laura Ingalls.

2. McGruff

Yup,this truckis named after the PSA Crime dog. Lets hope it takes more than a bite out of Bigfoot.

3. River Rat

Whoever named this truck could use a lesson in branding. River Rat. RIVER RAT. No. Nice website, though.

This is spot. Good luck taking him for a walk.

4. Spot

See Spot run. See Spot fetch. See spot run over a row of junked AMC Pacers? Not so much. But one thing Spot's going for it is that one of the truck's drivers is Jaye Featherby, also known as The Human Inferno.

5. Monkey’n Around

A truck that has this name is only redeemed when it freestyles to a cool tune by - who else - The Monkees:

Getting your own toy means you're tough, right? RIGHT?

6. Special Delivery

This name make anyone else think of Mr. McFeely?The good news for this truck is that it's one that's got its own Hotwheels version. So, there's that.

7. Cranky Yankee

You'd think we'd appreciate a truck that's (maybe) named after our friends and neighbors, and the video of we found of the Yankee in action is pretty cool. But for toughness, we'd have picked "Plow Guy."

Buy. Sell. BUY. SELL.

8. The Broker

No, this is not a truck with a pinstripe suit and slicked-back hair. But as far as crushing cars goes, it might be fair to say that for The Broker, greed is most definitely good.

9. Ice Cream Man

There's a Monster Truck called Ice Cream Man. Be afraid. Of brain freeze.

10. Higher Education

You don't need a loan to watch this truck in action. But who rides a school bus to college? (Okay, maybe we would...lame name aside, this bus is pretty awesome!)

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