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Weekly N.H. News Roundup: August 16, 2019


President Trump returns to New Hampshire, and we hear about his rally in Manchester as well as some national perspective on the 2020 Presidential Primary from NPR White House Correspondent Tamara Keith. With the Iowa State Fair wrapping up, a parade of Democratic candidates are coming back through the state and we catch up on the Democratic primary here. We also discuss whether Claremont is the new Dixville Notch; a bellwether for primary watchers.  NHPR Reporter Casey McDermott is guest host.


  • Lauren Chooljian - NHPR Political Reporter, State of Democracy.
  • Tamara Keith - White House Correspondent and host of NPR Politics Podcast.
  • James Pindell – political reporter for The Boston Globe.
  • Josh Rogers – NHPR’s senior political reporter.

Tamara Keith reports on Morning Edition on President Trump's visit to N.H., and discusses the Iowa State Fair and other political topics on the most recent PBS News Hour.

Lauren Chooljian has been working on NHPR's Stranglehold podcast - listen to a preview here.

Read James Pindell's article in the most recent NH Magazine in which he contends that Claremont is a city to watch in the 2020 Primary.

Find out where the candidates will be with NHPR's candidate tracker.

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