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New Thinking on Nuclear Weapons

We examine nuclear security in a world where Cold War policies have left the country's nuclear weapons on a hair-trigger alert. President Donald Trump has proposed boosting federal spending on the production of nuclear weapons by more than $1 billion in 2018.  With escalating tensions recently due to nuclear weapons testing by North Korea, we discuss nuclear weapons policy, the current international situation, and how we can reduce the risk of nuclear war.


Click on this link to learn more about the Trump budget proposal on nuclear production from The Center for Public Integrity.

The Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory recently unclassified films of nuclear weapons tests carried out between 1945-1962.   Click this link to see them on YouTube.   Here's a photo of a 37-kiloton blast known as "Priscilla" exploded during an Operation Plumbbob nuclear test at the Nevada Test Site on June 24, 1947:

Credit Nevada National Security Site/Wikipedia (public domain)
Nevada National Security Site/Wikipedia (public domain)

The Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists has moved the Doomsday clock ahead.  Here's a video that explains the Doomsday Clock.

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