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Rebroadcast: Taking Stock of STEM

Shyam Subramanian
Flickr Creative Commons

The subjects of science, technology, engineering, and math are all the rage these days among politicians, business and education leaders who say we need more emphasis on these subjects to compete globally. But others say we’re going overboard on STEM and that society benefits from a broader approach that includes the arts, communication, and critical thinking.


  • Fred Kocher: President of the New Hampshire High Tech Council and founder and president of Kocher and Company, a marketing and communications firm.
  • Ali Rafieymehr: Dean and Professor of Computer Science at the University of New Hampshire in Manchester.
  • Beth Salerno: Associate Professor of U.S. history at St. Anselm College and author of Sister Societies: Women's Antislavery Organizations in Antebellum America.

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