omni mt. washington hotel

Sven Klippel / Creative Commons


We take a look back 75 years ago to July 1, 1944, when representatives from 44 nations convened to devise a post-World War II monetary system.


The location? 


The plush Mt. Washington Hotel at Bretton Woods,  where  delegates could work, distraction-free, to come up with a plan that would ensure post-war prosperity through economic co-operation. The United Nations Monetary and Financial Conference, known as the Bretton woods conference, would result in the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund.  

Sven Klippel / Creative Commons

State officials say it could be weeks before they have a long-term cleanup plan after an oil spill at the Omni Mount Washington Hotel.

The spill of heavy, number-6 heating oil happened in June, near one of the hotel's boilers.

State waste management director Mike Wimsatt says the fuel, also known as bunker oil, may have been soaking into the ground there for some time without the hotel's knowledge.