Managed Medicaid

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One of three private companies brought in to manage administration and benefits within the state’s Medicaid program is ending its agreement. The Department of Health and Human Services announced Tuesday Meridian Health Plan will withdraw at the end of July.

“This has not been an easy decision,” says Dr. David Cotton, CEO of Detroit-based Meridian, “but  our  recent growth in the Midwest demands that we refocus our resources to continue to provide top-quality managed care products in our core  markets.” 

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RT @FostersDailyDem: BREAKING NEWS: N.H. Executive Council OKs $2.3 billion Medicaid contract NewsNH Executive Council OKs $2.3 billion Medicaid contractBy JIM HADDADIN CONCORD – On a split vote, members of New Hampshire's Executive Council approved a $2.3 billion contract establishing...Managed Medicaid could significantly shake up service for some 140,000 NH residents. HHS officials believe this reform is critical.Dan GorensteinExecutive Councilors are talking about how they will vote on managed medicaid contract.Dan GorensteinDozens of managed Medicaid opponents are in Executive Council chambers. Many are opposed to how plan would change services for the disabled.Dan GorensteinExecutive Council meeting getting under way. Councilors expect to vote on $2.3 B managed Medicaid contract. Insiders say contract will pass.Dan Gorenstein