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Liquid Planet

Sean Hurley/NHPR

A Dover man who once chained himself to a giant water slide is being ordered to pay restitution to investors in his failed amusement park.

The Liquid Planet Water Park in Candia shut its doors in 2015. Its owner, Kevin Dumont, drew attention that year for chaining himself to a 30-foot tall waterslide. He spent 12 days protesting the park’s foreclosure and subsequent auction before climbing down.

Sean Hurley/NHPR

A New Hampshire man who once chained himself to a giant water slide stands accused of securities fraud.

Kevin Dumont opened the Liquid Planet Water Park in Candia in 2008. Since then, New Hampshire’s Bureau of Securities Regulation says he unlawfully sold unsecured promissory notes to investors, raising $1.5 million to fund the park’s operations.

NHPR/Sean Hurley


A New Hampshire waterpark has been sold over the objections of its owner, who had chained himself to a slide tower to try to save the business.

Liquid Planet Water Park in Candia was sold for $950,000 to the owners of another New Hampshire waterpark, Whale's Tale. The new owner says it will keep Liquid Planet operating.

Sean Hurley

There's a long history of people chaining themselves to trees or posts or buildings - or to each other - to protest some injustice or simply to get their voices heard.  But here in New Hampshire we may have a first. Last week, Kevin Dumont, the owner of Liquid Planet Water Park in Candia, climbed to the top of his water slide tower and chained himself to the rail.  His goal? To save the park from a planned December 2nd auction.  NHPR's Sean Hurley spent the night with Dumont at the top of the tower and sends us this story.