Artisanal Ice

Before Maz Jobrani was a panelist on Wait Wait…Don’t Tell Me!, he was an actor trying to get a break. On today’s show, we’ll talk to the Iranian-born comedian about being typecast as a terrorist.

Then, we investigate a problem facing many American workers: food theft. What motivates some people to steal another person’s lunch from the office fridge? We’ll talk about the ethics of office food theft, and answer the age old question: is it ok to use someone else’s salad dressing?

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Logan Shannon / NHPR

Think about the shape of an icicle: it’s pointy at the end and wider at the base. But why are they that shape? The key thing to remember when talking about icicles is that icicles are long and skinny because the tip is growing faster than the base. And there are 3 reasons for why that is:

Every drip, as it travels down the icicle, carries heat away. This is because water is an incredible vehicle for conducting heat. It has the highest specific heat of any material we know of. 

Adelle & Justin via flickr Creative Commons

The American Academy of Pediatrics recently stated that a later start time could improve the sleeping patterns and grades of middle and high school students. On today’s show: what sleeping in could do for budding minds.

Then, we’ll sleep in a bit longer to take a look at lucid dreaming, the phenomenon of being aware that you’re in a dream, even while asleep.

Plus: from La Boheme to the musical Rent, ”the starving artist” has been romanticized in popular culture. We strip away the rose-colored glasses to make the case for paying artists.

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The Allure Of Artisanal Ice: A Slideshow

Aug 27, 2014

Pop in some Marvin Gaye because these ice pics are steamy. The shape. The clarity. The perfect size for the perfect cocktail. So refreshing.  Who knew ice could invoke so much raw feeling? But this isn't just any ice - this ice is carefully frozen, crafted, and shaped to complement cocktails in the absolute best way possible.

Browse the slideshow of ice art and join the new ice age discussion on Twitter and Facebook. Then listen to Virginia's conversation with Camper English, who wrote about the history of ice here!