Why We Do (Or Don't) Love To Go Camping

Aug 22, 2016

Today, we pull the tent flaps back on camping. 

Every summer, thousands of Americans load up the car and head into the wilderness on outdoor excursions.

Now, a new book traces the origins and evolution of this tradition, examines a few unorthodox camping methods, and ponders the joys of subjecting ourselves to the buggy, lumpy, and unpredictable great outdoors. 

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Dan White -  author of Under The Stars: How America Fell in Love With Camping. He is also the author The Cactus Easters: How I Lost My Mind and Almost Found Myself on the Pacific Coast.  He is the contributing editor of Catamaran Literary Reader and has taught composition at Columbia University and San Jose State University. 

The caption from the book reads "This California yellow-bellied marmot appears to be smiling and ready to pounce. Note the demented and gleeful expression on its face."
Credit Michael Bolte.