An Update On Ticks In N.H.: The Latest In Tick-Borne Diseases

May 27, 2015

Twenty years ago, it was not considered a big problem in New Hampshire, but today – these little black-legged bugs are seen as a major threat to people, pets and wildlife.  We’ll get the latest on where their populations are expanding and on tick-borne illnesses, primarily – but not exclusively -- Lyme disease. We’ll also look the state’s new plan to address this.


Alan Eaton – UNH Cooperative Extension Entomologist and Integrated Pest Management Specialist. Alan has been studying ticks and Lyme disease in New Hampshire for two decades. 

Dr. Ben Chan – state epidemiologist for New Hampshire’s Department of Health and Human Services 

Abby Mathewson – Public Health Program Manager at New Hampshire’s Department of Health and Human Services. 

Of interest:

The recently published State of New Hampshire Tickborne Disease Prevention Plan here.

Alan Eaton's publications on pest management and ticks, including his latest blacklegged tick map here.