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St. Paul's School in Concord Welcomes New Leader

Jul 2, 2019

St. Paul’s School in Concord has a new head of school.   Kathleen Carroll Giles has taken on the role after the former rector, Michael Hirschfeld, stepped down in January.


Hirschfeld retired amidst allegations of both recent and decades-old instances of sexual misconduct at the school. 


I met with Kathleen Carroll Giles today on her second day of work to hear more about how she plans to take over leadership of St. Paul's School during a difficult time.

Giles says she's ready to get down to work on several fronts.

"The resounding hope for this school is that it is regarded by the Concord community, by the independent school world, by the state of N.H., nationally and internationally, that it is regarded as a leading institution that produces leaders who pursue good in the world. The headlines: they are real, they are not made up, they are not to be taken lightly, and they have articulated extraordinary problems and pain, and all of that needs work," Giles said.

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