Smoke From California Fires Reaching New Hampshire

Aug 24, 2018

The California blazes that make up the largest fire in that state's history are affecting the air in New Hampshire.

Forecast models from the National Weather Service show low density smoke from California enveloping the Granite State for part of Friday and Saturday.

"Most of that smoke is aloft right now,” said John Jensenius, warning coordination meteorologist at NWS in Gray, Maine. “But it is possible that, if somebody does smell some smoke, it could be working its way to the ground a little bit."

The forecasts are made by bringing together scans from orbital satellites and computer modeling that shows the path of the smoke.

"Fires in California can have an impact in the midwest [and] can have an impact in the east coast,” said Andy Edman, chief of the Science and Technology Infusion Division of the western region. “When you look up, there's contributions coming from all over the U.S. in the skies that you see."

Closer to the ground, the smoke isn't dense enough to raise any health concerns for now but National Weather Service scientists say that at higher elevations it's making for some vibrant red sunrises and sunsets in New England.