Reports: St. Paul's Asks Court to Release ID of Labrie's Sex Assault Victim

Aug 15, 2016

Credit File photo

St. Paul's School in Concord has asked a federal judge to release the identity of Owen Labrie's sexual assault victim, should the teenager's lawsuit against the prep school go to trial. 

According to multiple news reports, the school filed a motion in U.S. District Court Thursday, asking a judge lift the anonymity of the victim and her parents in a lawsuit filed against the school in June. 

In the lawsuit, the parents allege the school failed to protect their daughter, who was a 15-year-old freshman at the time of the assault. The parents identify themselves only as John and Jane Doe in the lawsuit; the vicitim is identified as "J.D."

St. Paul's is asking the court to deny the family's use of pseudonyms to protect their identity, arguing it's unfair for the family to remain anonymous while using the media to attack the "character, credibility, and reputation" of the school.

Labrie was found guilty of misdemeanor sexual assault last summer, but was acquitted of felony rape charges. He was also found guilty of illegal use of computer services, a felony, and endangering the welfare of a child, a misdemeanor.

He is free on bail while appealing his conviction.