President Lyndon B. Johnson Signed the Public Broadcasting Act 50 Years Ago Today

Nov 7, 2017

President Lyndon B. Johnson signing the Public Broadcasting Act on Nov. 7, 1967.

"What hath man wrought? And how will man use his miracles? The answer just begins with public broadcasting." - President Lyndon Baines Johnson, in remarks upon signing the Public Broadcasting Act of 1967 into law.


Today, November 7, marks the 50th anniversary of the Public Broadcasting Act - an act that paved the way for the creation of public television and public radio, through PBS and NPR. Sesame Street, All Things Considered, local news programs, your favorite podcasts - all stemmed from the original vision to create public media that would educate, strengthen communities, entertain and inspire.


Read the full text of LBJ's remarks that day, then feel free to share your favorite public media "moments."


Listen to President Johnson speaking about the Public Broadcasting Act: