Portsmouth Launches New Bike Share Program

May 1, 2017

Beginning Tuesday, Portsmouth residents and visitors can participate in the city’s new bike sharing program.

Riders will be able to rent bicycles from five stations around downtown Portsmouth for trips of up to two hours.

The three-year pilot program is operated by a company called Zagster, which runs about 150 bike shares around the country.

Juliet Walker is a Planning Director with the city of Portsmouth. She says the program is just one part of a larger strategy to help alleviate parking and traffic congestion downtown.

“What we want is for people to have options. For them to find a location to park in and then, once they’re there, they don’t feel like they have to go back to their car to get to another part of Portsmouth.”

Memberships in the program range from $3 for a day to $25 for a year.

Meanwhile the city of Manchester is also working with Zagster to install a bike share program in that city. It should be up and running later this summer.