Pope Francis Visits the U.S.: A Look at His Influence

Sep 21, 2015

Since his selection, there’s been intense interest in Pope Francis’s leadership, among Catholics and non-Catholics.  And that interest is growing, as he now heads to the U.S. with a packed schedule that includes an unprecedented Congressional address….and a tendency to tackle politically charged issues, from capitalism to climate change.  


  • Daniel J. Daly - Associate Professor of Theology at the Saint Anselm College
  • Michele Dillon - Professor of Sociology at UNH and Senior Advisor for Research at Carsey School of Public Policy at UNH. She's written several books on Catholicism in the U.S.
  • Michael O’Loughlin - author of The Tweetable Pope and national reporter for Crux, The Boston Globe’s publication covering “all things Catholic.”