Once and For All, Swanzey Seeks Zip Code of its Own

Dec 21, 2017

Credit Flickr, Aranami

Senators Jeanne Shaheen and Maggie Hassan have introduced legislation to give the town of Swanzey its own, unique zip code.

The issue is North Swanzey shares a zip code with neighboring Keene. But North Swanzey isn't part of Keene — it's technically part of Swanzey.

And, because there's crossover with street names and addresses in the two zip codes, there's been issues with mail delivery. There's also been delays for emergency responders as they try to figure out where to go.

Swanzey town administrator Michael Branley said Swanzey originally approached the postal service to make the change, but the request was denied. He said the legislation from Shaheen and Hassan is encouraging. "I certainly don't know what the likelihood of success is, but at least there is still a chance,” he said.

“This is a simple legislative fix that is long overdue,” said Shaheen in a news release announcing the legislation.