N.H.'s 2nd Largest Solar Array Goes Online in Lee

Jul 21, 2016

The second largest solar array in the state is up and running as of today. It now powers municipal buildings in Durham.

The newly installed 2,100 solar modules sit on a former gravel pit in Lee. These panels now provide all of the energy to buildings owned by the town of Durham, with the exception of the wastewater treatment plant.

The town partnered with ReVision  Energy and financing came from IGS Solar, along with the help of a grant from the New Hampshire Public Utilities Commission.

Phil Coupe is a co-founder of ReVision Energy.

“This thing here is going to take free energy from the sky and it’s going to crank out a valuable asset in the form of clean, solar kilowatt hours," said Coupe, "and so the town of Durham gets 100% of its money back, and then the thing throws off free energy for another couple decades.”

The total cost of the project was just over 2 million dollars.