N.H. Yet To Join Drug Price-Fixing Lawsuit | New Hampshire Public Radio

N.H. Yet To Join Drug Price-Fixing Lawsuit

Jun 26, 2019

Credit Flikr Creative Commons / Dvortygirl

Allegations in a lawsuit filed by 44 states against major generic drug manufacturers were unsealed this week.

Connecticut Attorney General William Tong, who is taking the lead on the case, says the newly released emails from drug company executives show an industry-wide price fixing scheme.

“The American people and people across Connecticut need to see how far these companies have gone to literally steal money from all of us by charging us prices that were artificially high, prices they refer to as ‘fluff’ pricing."

New Hampshire is one of just six states that haven't joined in the lawsuit. A spokesperson for the Attorney General's office says they are still reviewing the case and expect to make a decision on whether to join it soon.