N.H. Legislature Clears The Way For ‘Beaver Deceiver’ Bill

May 17, 2019

Credit NH DOT

A bill that would make it easier for landowners to control flooding from beaver dams is heading to Gov. Chris Sununu’s desk.

The New Hampshire House and Senate have both approved the “beaver deceiver” proposal.

The bill says towns and landowners generally don’t need a state permit to install fences and pipes around beaver dams.

These systems – sometimes called beaver deceivers – are designed to protect property or public infrastructure from flood damage. They let a beaver maintain its dam, while letting water flow safely through the structure.

The bill also says towns and landowners can kill beavers or remove dams without a permit in order to prevent the same kind of damage.

The proposal includes general parameters for how to do these things safely, without harming sensitive wetlands.

It stems from an issue in Hopkinton, where a beaver dam caused flooding on a public dirt road. The town looked to the legislature for help when it wasn’t sure if it needed a permit to install a beaver deceiver.