In N.H., Eric Swalwell Says Not Everyone is Benefiting From a Strong U.S Economy

Feb 26, 2019

Democratic congressman Eric Swalwell of California is the latest in a series of potential Democratic presidential candidates to visit New Hampshire.

Speaking at St. Anselm College's Politics and Eggs yesterday, Swalwell's main focus was the economy. Namely that its booming on several measures, but, "That's not the economy,” he said. “The economy is you. How you're doing. Whether you have enough to save to buy a home. Whether you can survive a thousand dollar unexpected emergency."

A 38-year-old law school graduate who says he’s still in debt to the tune of $100,000, Swalwell envisions a volunteer service program to help students pay off their education.

David Chairez, a freshman at New England College, said he liked that idea.

"I feel like giving that opportunity will help future kids down the line who struggle economically,” said Chairez. “It will give them an opportunity to go to college and really succeed and thrive in it."

Student loans financed by the federal government should be interest free, Swalwell said.

He said he’d like to see a public health care option and touted his support of enhanced background checks for gun sales.

Swalwell added he's considering a run for president, but hasn't made a final decision yet.