In N.H., Cruz Says GOP Needs Conservative Nominee

Mar 16, 2015

Credit josh rogers/nhpr

Ted Cruz says history shows the GOP has been ill-served by presidential candidates based on their perceived electability.

Cruz favors abolishing the IRS in favor of a flat tax, and repeatedly said he plays to repeal every word fo so-called Obamacare, says the way to to avoid what he called the mushy middle,  is draw a line in the sand and make the race a clear choice. If that happens, Cruz says, the right sort of conservative would win broad support.

This is counter intuitive to a lot of people. But if you think about it, the last 50 years,  there is only one republican with a groups of democrats named after them, Reagan democrats.  If the Washington fallacy were correct, that running to the middle gets you crossover votes, you’d see Gerald Ford Democrats or Bob Dole Democrats, or John McCain Democrats, or Mitt Romney Democrats – they don’t exist.

Cruz added that candidates need a positive tone.

On Sunday, Cruz warned audience in Barrington that "the world is on fire" due to Obama administration policies and said without a major change soon  “we risk losing the greatest country in the history of the world.”