Lawmakers to Consider Mandatory Climate Change Classes in Public Schools

Dec 29, 2019


Credit Courtesy of the United Nations

Climate change education could get more attention in 2020, as lawmakers consider whether to require districts to give classes on climate change.

A bill in the House would require some lessons about climate change in elementary school, and at least ten hours of climate education or a full semester of environmental education in high school. 

Some teachers already incorporate climate change into their science curriculum, but the bill's sponsor, Representative Chris Balch (D), says it’s the state’s responsibility to prioritize it.

“We need to have a common base of knowledge of what climate change is, how it works, how it happens, what we can do about it,” he says.

The recommended curriculum comes from the National Educators' Association.

The Senate will also consider a bill which would make climate education a part of the state's definition of an adequate science education.