Inspection of Manchester VA Identifies Administrative, Clinical Problems

Nov 25, 2019

Credit Peter Biello / NHPR

A new government report has identified several clinical and administrative problems at the Manchester VA.

The VA's Office of Inspector General says inspectors found dusty or dirty heating, ventilation, and air conditioning grills in some areas and dirty floors and damaged walls in the Community Living Center.

Investigators also found communication issues between team members working with patients who have experienced military sexual trauma, as well as a lack of documented justification for giving some elderly patients medication.

Overall, the Inspector General made 17 recommendations for improvement. This is the first such inspection since whistleblowers came forward in July 2017 with allegations of mismanaged care. Other reports since then have specifically addressed those allegations.

This report also found that Manchester VA employees were generally satisfied with facility leaders, who indicated in the report that they agreed with the findings and are working on solutions.