House To Vote On Students' Social Media Privacy

Mar 1, 2015

Credit Allegra Boverman for NHPR

 On Wednesday the New Hampshire House will vote on whether schools should be able to compel students to disclose their social media activity.

The bill bans schools from demanding access to a student’s user name and password or requiring students to “friend” school officials on Facebook.

It would apply to private and public schools, K through colleges and universities. Prime Sponsor, Merrimack Rep Katherine Rogers says schools that demand access to a student’s social media accounts without a search warrant are denying that student the civil right to privacy.

Any school or any student resource officer is allowed to go in and request a search warrant just as any prosecutor can.

Rogers says with a warrant, evidence of bullying can be used in court if necessary.

Schools would retain the right to monitor their computers and networks.

Fourteen other states have a similar law in place, according to Rogers.