At Google, well-fed employees are a solid investment

Apr 9, 2012

Think about the workplace perks that keep you a contented employee. Maybe there's free coffee in the kitchen, or, perhaps, your pooch is allowed to wander among the cubicles. 

Now, imagine your employer surrounded you with healthy, gourmet, locally sourced food all day. For free. And not just free for you, but for your visitors and your family, too. As part of our continuing series, Shifting the Balance, we follow KCRW's Good Food producer Gillian Ferguson to Google's Mountain View campus, where she found out why the web giant has made it company policy to keep employees well-fed. While the choices amount to some newer Googlers packing on the "Google 15," over time, Googlers are happier, healthier, and find it much easier to maintain a healthy lifestyle...all thanks to the boss.