Ex-Seabrook Cop Accused Of Assault: I Was Trying To Subdue Suspect

May 22, 2015

Credit youtube.com

Jury deliberations are expected to begin Friday in the case of an ex-Seabrook police officer accused of slamming a drunken driving suspect head-first into a concrete wall.

The Union Leader reports Mark Richardson took the stand in his own defense Thursday, saying he was trying to subdue the 19-year-old Michael Bergeron.

Richardson says Bergeron was being belligerent and resistant.

Prosecutors argue surveillance video of the incident shows Bergeron did nothing to justify Richardson’s actions.

The alleged assault took place at the Seabrook police station in November of 2009.

Bergeron posted a video of the incident online last year.

Richardson and another officer involved were fired, but only Richardson was charged.

He could face 2-5 years in prison, if convicted.