Concord Commits to Renewable Energy Goal, Cites Climate Change Threat

Jul 10, 2018

The Concord City Council passed a non-binding resolution to set a goal of achieving 100 percent renewable energy.
Credit NHPR File Photo

Concord is the latest city to set a goal of working toward using all renewable energy sources in the coming decades. 

Concord's city council unanimously passed a non-binding resolution on the issue Monday night. 

The new goal includes public works, homes and businesses, and covers heat and transportation, as well as electricity. 

Over the next year, the city will seek public input and write a strategic plan on how it could achieve the goals. 

Concord officials say they also hope to rewrite solar power zoning laws and propose new large-scale solar projects in that time.

A handful of New Hampshire towns and cities are already working toward similar clean energy goals.