Commission Approves 51 Moose Hunt Lottery Permits For 2017

Apr 13, 2017

Credit northeast naturalist via Flickr Creative Commons

  The New Hampshire Fish and Game Commission has approved 51 moose hunt lottery permits this year, the lowest number since the state started its current system in 1988.

Permits have declined in recent years, partly because of the impact of parasites, both winter tick and brainworm, on the moose population. Last year, 71 lottery permits were issued.

The proposal would need to be approved by the New Hampshire Joint Legislative Committee on Administrative Rules.

Permits have been suspended in the southwest region because the estimated density of moose there has declined to the "cutoff threshold" in the state's moose management plan. Permits have been reduced in the north and White Mountain regions.

Moose hunt applications for the June 16 lottery must be postmarked or submitted online by midnight on May 26. The hunt runs from Oct. 21-29.