Canadian Teen Charged in Online Shooting Threat At Hanover High School

Mar 21, 2018

Hanover High School, Hanover, N.H.
Credit Hanover High School

Hanover Police Chief Charles B. Dennis announced the arrest of a 14-year-old Canadian girl in connection with a threat posted on Instagram about a shooting at Hanover High School.

Hanover police coordinated with authorities in Brantford, Ontario - south of Toronto - after the location of the social media threat was determined to be in their jurisdiction, police said.

The threats came from an Instagram account titled "hanoverhighschooting."

The account's description read, in part, "if I see you you get shot. It happens soon.. Maybe today." The account has since been taken down.

Authorities were able to trace the account to a residence in Canada. Canadian authorities then arrested the 14-year-old and seized electronic devices found at the residence. Scott Rathburn with the Hanover Police Department says they're still trying to determine if there are any links between the juvenile and Hanover High School.

"We're not aware of a connection yet. So the investigation is still ongoing to determine if there is a connection," he says.

The 14 year old in custody is being charged in Canada. She does not have American citizenship. 

Hanover police say they will continue to post officers at the high school for added security.

The red marker designates Brantford, Ontario, in this Google map.

Dennis said that the threat was tracked down to a residence in Canada, with assistance from Lebanon Police Sgt. Richard Norris.


An earlier story, updated Tuesday night, continues here below.

Hanover police say the person behind a threat made against Hanover High School this morning is not in the immediate area of the Upper Valley.

The threats reported to police this morning came from an Instagram account titled ‘hanoverhighshooting’.

Scott Rathburn with the Hanover Police Department says that account sent threatening messages to some students.

"This was reported to us by a number of students, and we’re working to track back where that post came from.”

Rathburn says additional officers were posted at the school today. Police say that added security will continue until further notice.