Biden Campaigns In Claremont, Stressing Affinity With Former Mill Town

Jan 24, 2020

Credit Josh Rogers | NHPR

Democrat Joe Biden brought his presidential campaign to Claremont Friday, stressing his cultural affinities with voters in a city that voted Republican in 2016.

Biden told the crowd in Claremont, where mills once powered the local economy, that the city reminded him of home.

"With the history of Claremont, I could be in Scranton, or I could be in Claymont, Del., where I grew up," Biden said.

Biden then sold himself as the only Democratic presidential candidate with a record of bridging partisan divides.

"This endless war between Democrats and Republicans - it is deadly for us," he said. "I've spent my whole career in the Senate and as vice president of the United States, working together to get major things done. And it’s possible to get things done."

Claremont is a city where Democrats traditionally run strong. Sen. Bernie Sanders won it big during the 2016 Democratic presidential primary. But Donald Trump carried it during the general election, making him the first Republican to win the presidential vote in Claremont in more than two decades.