AG's Transcripts Point To Another Alleged Incident Involving Sanborn

Jul 11, 2018

Credit Allegra Boverman for NHPR

Newly released documents indicate that New Hampshire state Senate leaders reassigned a staffer under the supervision of Bedford senator and congressional candidate Andy Sanborn in 2014 amid concerns over inappropriate comments. 

The AG last month cleared Sanborn and found no wrongdoing when it investigated the possible bribing of a former Senate intern who had been the target of a suggestive joke.

Neither that incident, nor the one revealed in the documents from the bribery investigation, triggered a formal complaint.

But, according to transcripts from interviews released by the AG, former Senate Chief of Staff Jay Flanders recalled inappropriate comments Sanborn made to a paid staffer, but added the details were "fuzzy."  In a separate transcript, Senate Majority Leader Jeb Bradley said his memory was "murky" but he recalled Sanborn initially refused to complete sexual harassment training, and that may explain why he went for a period without an assigned staffer.

In a statement, Andy Sanborn, who's running for the Republican nomination for the 1st Congressional District, said he never violated any policy and called the matter "total BS" and "a witch-hunt, plain and simple."