After a Divisive Year, Women's Marches Return to the Streets

Jan 19, 2018

Credit Brian Allen via Wikimedia Commons

Women across the country will participate in marches this weekend, including at several events in New Hampshire.

Last year’s Women’s March came on the day after President Donald Trump’s inauguration. For many progressives, it was the start of a resistance movement. Organizers of this year’s local events, including Anne DiCicco from Hollis, say their political efforts have matured.

“Going in this year, we know what the resistance looks like,” she says. “The resistance looks like getting our issues out front, organizing ourselves, getting people registered to vote, putting good people up as candidates, and winning elections.”

Hollis adds that while the rallies draw mainly progressive women and their allies, the event is open to everyone, including conservatives.

“If we can find issues that we can agree on and work together and make progress, yes we would be happy to work with people across the aisle. It is just finding that issues that we agree on right now that’s so problematic,” she says.

Democratic Senator Maggie Hassan and Representative Annie Kuster plan to speak at a rally outside the Statehouse in Concord on Saturday. There are also events in Wilton, Portsmouth, Peterborough, Jackson and Lancaster this weekend.

This story has been corrected. Senator Jeanne Shaheen will not appear at the march in Concord, as was stated in an earlier version of the story.