9.23.14: The Origins Of The Prison Gang & Rejecting Corporal Punishment

Sep 23, 2014

Credit Still Burning via flickr Creative Commons

California’s Pelican Bay state prison houses gang leaders high on the food chain. Contrary to popular myth, they run the joint like a well-oiled machine, with chains-of-command, communication networks, even a system for intake.

On today’s show: a glimpse into the surprisingly orderly life behind bars, and the influence of gangs on life on the outside.

Also today, an African-American woman says it’s time to reject the notion that beating kids is part of black culture.

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Prison Gangs

Rural Gangs Claim Public Lands

  • While we may think that gang violence is relegated to big cities, rural communities are also grappling with gang rivalries, turf wars, and even drive-by shootings. Our next story comes to us from northwest Washington, where gang members are frequenting public recreation lands, including boat launches, fishing holes, and hunting areas. Austin Jenkins brings us this report.
  • You can listen to the story at PRX.org.

Rejecting Corporal Punishment

Robotics Commission

A Robotic Cure For Pesky Ticks

  • There’s a new robot that could help you clear your yard of nearly all the ticks. Invented by three professors at Virginia Military Institute, this device could help reduce the risk of tick-borne illness. Kelley Libbey has the story.
  • You can listen to the story at PRX.org.